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TOTENTANZ- Medieval/Ren gathering in Chicago for those who want to enjoy debauchery year 'round! - Bristol Renaissance Faire
TOTENTANZ- Medieval/Ren gathering in Chicago for those who want to enjoy debauchery year 'round!

@ The Nineteen Hundred & One Gallery
1901 W Belmont (entrance on Wolcott) , Chicago. IL.

**Saturday April 24th, May 22nd, June 26th, July 24th, (later dates TBA) **

9pm - 1am
$5 Donation

DJ JanderVK spinning Neomedieval/Renaissance, Neofolk, Pagan-Folk, Neoclassical Darkwave, and traditional music!

We are highly influenced by European "Mittelalter" festivals, markets, and nights such as "Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum", "Mittelalter Party", "Festival Mediaval", and mittelalter markets.


April 24th: The Gypsy Nomads from NYC!


April 24th: Urnes Ash Tree (nordic crafts)/Custom Drinking Horns, Maria Purrpl's Incense and Candles, (more TBA)

Special guest performances, artists, and/or vendors each month! (TBA; please get in contact with me if you wish to vendor your Medieval/Renaissance and/or Pagan wares!)

Dressing up in your finest period garment is not mandatory, but very much encouraged!!

Event Location: 1901 w. belmont in Chicago
Event TIME Details: 9pm - 1am

Directions: Entrance is right off of Belmont on Wolcott.

Accessible from the Belmont stop on the Red Line train and #77 CTA bus.

WebsiteI: http://www.myspace.com/neomediaeval
Website II: http://www.neomediaeval.com
Venue: http://www.thenineteenhundredandone.com

Current Music: Corvus Corax

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jesslin From: jesslin Date: March 25th, 2010 04:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
just FYI, I can't get http://www.neomediaeval.com/ to load; IE gave me the generic 'can't load page' error. Also, 1901.com seems to be a Malaysian hot dog franchise. Is that really what you meant to link to? Just curious, cuz this sounds cool and I'd like more info (but I'm allergic to MySpace :D )

Edited at 2010-03-25 04:47 pm (UTC)
jandervk From: jandervk Date: March 25th, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi Jesslin. Yeah, I apologize. The page was supposed to go live today, but it might not be for another day or two. It would only be a main page to lead you to the My Space and Facebook pages anyhow. Atleast until I get my distribution label ready. As for the 1901.com, I guess they changed the address, sheesh lol It's www.thenineteenhundredandone.com, but uh, it leads to their My Space and not the page that was up... The GOOD NEWS after all of this is though, is all of the info is in the post :)
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